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The Strict

This is the teacher of which every pupil is really frightened. This teacher has eyes with several unique properties:

A special ray is emitted which, on hitting any jaw muscle immediately paralyses it. In addition a 'guilt' enzyme is triggered in the recipient which renders them totally shaken, and recovery can take up to three hours.

These eyes can see around corners, and through people. This ability is coupled with the uncommon intuition of knowing exactly when and where to look. The best behaved pupil (such as you and I) has only to misbehave once in a whole academic year and the Strict is sure to spot us, even though we are well out of the normal field of vision. It is well known that light is absorbed by anything black, so nothing can be reflected in, say, a chalkboard. So it is impossible for a teacher to be looking at a chalkboard and see the goings on in the classroom behind them. What is rather less known is that a special band of normally invisible infra-red light has two unusual properties, a) it will be reflected in chalkboards, and b) it is visible to the Strict.