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The Goodquestion

Most of us would never doubt that our teachers are well informed on the subject they are teaching us. However sometimes we are given to wonder whether a teacher really does know the subject, or even if they are just aspiring politicians. The thing that makes us wonder this is the way they deal with questions. There are three main types of response to the unsuspecting student who innocently raises the hand and asks a question:

"That's a good question. Now as I was saying the sum of the squares of the .... " (This response is technically known as Ignoritus Goawayus)

"That's a good question. I wonder if any of you other students know the answer to that one?" (Cananyone Helpmeoutus)

"That's a good question. Now what you really should be asking, and this is the question I will answer, immediately and without any beating about the bush, because it is important that this is made very clear, is ...." (Buddingus Politicio)