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Christmas shoppers
The Samething

This person is well known to all of us. Somewhere in our homes we all have a drawer full of embroidered handkerchiefs or bottles of perfume. These have been accumulating over the years as gifts from a well meaning relative who is bereft of any kind of imagination. This is not so bad when the relative is distant, so the presents are inexpensive and so the waste is not too great. However, the situation is more serious when the presents are more substantial, the Samething being a close friend or relative. These presents are much more of a problem. What do you do? Do you offer thanks and risk getting yet another one next year? Do you upset the poor Samething by tactfully saying that the present is not really to your taste? If you do the latter, you know that the Samething will realise that all the identical presents given to you over the years have been unwanted. Of course you would not mind getting the same thing every year if only it could be something useful.