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Christmas shoppers
The Greengiver

This person was actually environmentally friendly long before David Icke began to wear turquoise, and in fact has been 'green' for many years. The key to being 'green' of course is to recycle everything, and so this is exactly what the Greengiver does. When this person receives a present they carefully (and quite commendably) remove the paper, fold it neatly and store it for re-use later. However, recycling does not stop there. The present also is kept in its original packaging and stored to be passed on later to somebody next Christmas. It would be an interesting world if the population were made up entirely of Greengivers; there would be one lot of commodities being used by people, and another, separate lot being circulated as perpetual presents. Accomplished Greengivers do not fall into the trap of giving you a present which is in fact the one you got for them last year.