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Rail travellers
The Sleeper

This is a strategy you can adopt to avoid the eye contact problems. You initially start by just pretending to be asleep. This is quite good, because you can carry on listening to other people at the same time. Again, though, you become fair game for other starers, so you must handle this with some decorum; eyes shut lightly, mouth gently closed and head tilted slightly back. You can't lean your head against the window because trains vibrate at a frequency which resonates perfectly with your cheeks, and so sends your face into a wobbling frenzy, augmented by the occasional more forceful vibration which pushes your head away from the window, to which it returns with a clumsy thud. Unfortunately while in this pretend sleep the real thing creeps up on you and then one of the more intrusive bumps wakes you. All decorum has gone. Your mouth is open wide, and a small stream of saliva has begun to flow from one corner. You quickly look around to see who saw you, and you know most of them did because they are staring out of the window with extra zeal.