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Rail travellers
The Windowstarer

As humans we cannot cope with sustained eye contact with strangers so we have to look elsewhere, and everywhere we look there is another human trying to rest their eyes on some non-human point of interest. BR, though, employed a team of designers skilled in making all surfaces (table, floor, walls, ceiling etc) supremely uninteresting. The one refuge, then, for those desperate eyes is the window. Despite the difficulties of discerning anything from blurs of buildings and fields you pretend to be fascinated by this limited opening onto the outside world. All the time, though, you know that while you are looking out of the window you are fair game for other people's stares. They are watching you now. To try to look interesting occasionally you track an object across your limited field of view (not a pylon, that would show you to be a bore, no, a derelict building which could imply artistic or sociological thought). Beware though, a slight change in focus and you will notice that you have not escaped eye contact after all. In the reflection on the window is another universe populated by people also trying to avoid other human eyes. Aargh! Now where can you look?