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Film watchers
The Spoiler

Spoilers fall into two types. Type 1 is not prepared to suspend belief for the short duration of a film, and so interrupts your viewing constantly by announcing "That's never a new born baby!", "Nobody would go into a remote castle at night!" or "That's the seventh bullet he's fired from that revolver!". Another favourite exclamation is the simple "Oh, yeah!". The Spoiler loves historical drama most of all because of all the possibilities of costume, technological and sequence errors. This person's outbursts are timed to perfection in order that a vital bit of dialogue is drowned. Favourite films: Frankenstein.

Type 2 Spoiler has seen the film before, and describes every key event in the film several moments before it happens. This person usually politely asks whether or not you want to know the ending, but still tells you anyway. Favourite films: The Sound of Music, The Great Escape.