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The Checker

The Checker likes to make sure that everything is as it should be. This person has to allow an extra five minutes for any journey for the various pre-driving checks which need to be done. Firstly, is the seat in the right position? Lets just try ... no, it was OK, right, yes, that's it. Now the mirror. Mmmmm. Hand up to mirror, wiggle it a bit, yes, that's OK too. Now, am I in neutral, wiggle-wiggle, yes, keys. Keys. Where are they? Ah, yes, oops, nearly forgot the seatbelt, pull it on, wiggle shoulders, yes, feels alright. Ignition, hang on though, is the door shut properly, yes, right, ooh, did I check neutral? Check neutral, OK, now turn key. And, at last, the checker is away. Once cruising checking is confined to three things. Am I in fourth, is the handbrake off, and is the choke in? These things are checked every thirty seconds, even on a non-stop two hour motorway journey.