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The Unique

This is the person who really does have an individual style; the person the Trendy would like to be. Uniques cannot be described by their dress, since they really are all different, but a few general rules can be applied by Peoplespotters to recognise them. The Unique will have one (but only one) eccentricity of dress. This may be a particular item (hat, glove, scarf etc) or a particular style (never removes jumper, wears odd socks etc). Unlike the Trendy, who is the polar opposite of fashion, the Unique has no relationship to fashion at all. Thus it is quite possible for the Unique to become briefly either Fashionable or Trendy, as the current vogues drift by them. Another feature of the Unique is that they seem to be truly unaware that what they wear is in any way odd. However, do not be deceived by this; the Unique's appearance is as finely calculated as anybody else's.