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Restaurant diners
The Knowall

The Knowall feels it their duty to pass on to you a mass of factual information in which you have little interest. You know when you have landed next to one in a restaurant because their opening remark is "Of course in a real chinese restaurant the chop sticks would not be carved like this." There fellows an entire lesson on the correct use of chop sticks and bowl holding. In other environments the Knowall will enlighten you on how to make pasta, how to make tomatoes look like roses, what region the wine comes from, the real history of the potato, and the art of cutting cucumber into thin slices.

Once you have responded to the Knowall, there is no escape unless you are rescued by a sympathetic person sitting at the other side of you or across the table. On no account ask the Knowall any kind of question or this will be take as a licence to carry on until the bill arrives.