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Restaurant diners
The Victim

In a restaurant there are many things which can, and do, go wrong. Firstly the victim arrives for the eight o'clock table at about five minutes to eight, to be sure of not being last. Unfortunately, the others in the party are waiting angrily at the bar, trying to persuade the waiter not to let the table go, which, of course, was actually booked for seven-thirty.

Having finally settled down to eat, the victim discovers that it is their starter which the waiter has forgotten, and so has to say to everyone else "It's OK, go on, you start, I'm sure mine will be here in a minute." The victim decides to say nothing when the main course arrives with chips when they asked for a jacket potato, and so soldiers on to the sweet which is ice cream with hot sauce served directly onto their new outfit (first time worn tonight). The Victim borrows a pen to write a cheque, but unfortunately even the state of the art, executive fountain pen of the host cannot make any kind of mark on the cheque which is in the cheque-book, behind the clock, on the mantle-piece, at home.