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Camera Users
The Wouldhavebeen

When you look through this person's album there are lots of photographs of things which would have been good except for ........ . All kinds of thing prevent the shot being what it could have been, favourites are things in front of the lens. These can be fingers, camera straps or bits of plants. Other things which would have been good are snaps of objects which are too far away. You know when you have found one of these because you are browsing through the album when you come across a picture which seems to be fairly ordinary sky, and you are just about to say "that's an interesting cloud formation, are they cumulus or nimbus?" when the Wouldhavebeen says "If you look closely at top corner you can see a rescue helicopter. That would have been a good shot if I could have got a bit closer." You had ignored that because you thought it was a speck of dust on the print. Favourite shot: The lens cap, which would have been a glorious sunset in Kenya.