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Camera Users
The Showoff

The Showoff has all the best modern equipment, and knows virtually nothing about how to use it. To this person, a good photographer is judged not by the quality of the shots, but the size of the zoom lens. With their 'OM5 million' this person is a pain for other holidaymakers for two reasons. Firstly, they take up more than their fair share of pavement and cause accidents by having a protruding lens which could be used for jousting should the need arise. Secondly, their miltitelephotozoom lens, which could take a picture of an astronaut on the moon, magnifies so much that it cannot fit in an entire person except from a distance of one mile, so everybody who wants to walk past the group of subjects has to wait courteously, so as not to get in the way of the picture, for ten minutes while the Showoff walks further and further back. Favourite shot: a fly perched on the top of Nelson's Column (the Showoff has no interest in flies, nor in Nelson's Column, but it does demonstrate the capability of the camera).