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Click on any of the song titles below to see a video clip of the song being performed live

Melton Mowbray Festival, 1996:

Trans-Siberian Express (4.8Mb)

Loughborough Students Union, 1995:

LastKraftWagen (3.9Mb)

Jak De Bhangra (3.0Mb)

Mañana Burro Mañana (1.9Mb)

Rummers, Aberystwyth, 1995:

Man In The Mirror (3.9Mb)

Pump And Tap, Leicester, 1994:

Abbey Road (4.0Mb)

Ricky's Club, Barcelona, 1993:

Gbaladun (3.9Mb)

Rough demo promo video, 1994:

LKW (Dance Version) (from YouTube)

Photo montage, 1992-1996:

Photo Montage (from YouTube)

Special thanks to Jenny Cooper for filming most of this footage.

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