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These are excerpts from BBC Radio 5 (as was) featuring me talking to Danny Baker about Janet McKellar's "Readers' Replies" column in the Nottingham Evening Post. This was planned to feature on Danny's subsequent TV show, "After All", which didn't actually work out, but I did get to a couple of recordings and to the green room to mingle with Danny and the guests.
- Andy on "Morning Edition" with Danny Baker
- Andy on "Morning Edition" with Danny Baker again
- Andy on "Morning Edition" with Danny Baker and again
- Andy on "Morning Edition" with Danny Baker last time

These are from BBC Radio Nottingham, and based on my PeopleGuide series in a local magazine. Though there are three here, four of these made. We fell out because they kept referring to me as a psychologist, and I didn't want these comedy observations being confused with research and what I do professionally (showbiz tantrum!). After the fourth one was broadcast, again with the psychology tag, communications broke down and they didn't send me a copy.
- Camera users
- Shoppers
- Video tapers
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