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Holiday service personnel
The Hotelreceptionist

We would all dearly love to arrive at our hotel and find that a Basil Fawlty clone was in charge, but alas this never seems to happen. What we get instead is someone who is so supremely bored with the process of booking people in and out and asking them whether they are having a pleasant stay that they have learned to introduce a few games into the proceedings for their own, personal amusement. One favourite is 'let's not tell the guests something vital, and see how long they take to come back down and ask'. Popular items of missing information include: the light switch is on the wrong side of the door; you have to put the wall switch on before the shower will work; and, the key has to be turned twice in both directions before the door will open. Other favourite games are: let's direct them to a non existent restaurant; let's give them a newspaper politically opposite the one they asked for; and, let's re-tune their TV so that BBC1 is channel 3, ITV is channel 2 etc.