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Holiday service personnel
The Coachdriver

Coachdrivers are a strange breed, made even stranger by special training administered during the PSV licence instruction centre. When you approach the coach for the first time you are naturally unsure whether it is the right one, so you ask "Are you going to Taunton?". In your distressed state all you want is a simple 'yes' or 'no', but you instead get "Taunton? Where's that?" and you have absolutely no idea whether this is sarcasm or not. You never get a satisfactory answer at all. Then in mid journey you find another popular observation of Peoplespotters: the Coachdriver is a would-be entertainer. For most of the trip you experience the loud and cheerful singing booming from the front of the bus. Having watched fellow Coachdrivers on TV, this one knows that at the end of each line of the song comes a dramatic turning of the steering wheel, and so this technique is employed. Unfortunately the road planners could not anticipate the song, so the corners do not fully coincide with the wheel turns .....