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Christmas shoppers
The Disorganised

This is the person we actually are. This person starts shopping on the last shopping day before Christmas Day. The whole thing is even less planned than the average one way system. A list is hastily drawn up over coffee in a snack bar (the coffee stop is justified on the grounds of preparation for the ordeal to come). Optimistically, the first shop visited is a large chain store, in the mistaken belief that everything can be found in the one shop. At first things seem to go well, a few items are purchased and then the Disorganised moves on. Problems begin in the next store. "Now was that car cleaning kit for Joe or Kath?". Then a few more people are remembered. Then the Disorganised forgets that they have already bought a dancing cola tin for Samantha, and subsequently buys her a Disney video. On getting home and emptying all the bags, it is discovered that half of all friends and relatives have two or three presents each, and the other half have nothing at all. In any case, the Disorganised cannot remember what was for whom, so presents are wrapped and allocated more or less randomly.