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The Serious

While many people who are interested in taking part in politics do so by actually involving themselves in parties, pressure groups, writing letters etc, the Serious is convinced that choosing a local representative once every four years is the only way that they can influence anything that happens in the country. Consequently they take this duty immensely seriously and general election time is a time for stern faced concentration (local elections? What are they?). A series of newspapers from varying political angles are studied. A list is made of parties, and pros and cons entered neatly below each name. These things done, the Serious makes a decision carefully, ensuring that all factors have been considered. After that one would think that they had sole personal responsibility for the fate of the nation, as they have sleepless nights wondering whether the correct decision has been made.

On polling day itself the Serious wakes in total turmoil and frets nervously all day until the cross-paper-fold-post ritual can be performed. Afterwards the Serious can relax to some extent knowing that a careful decision has been made, so the country will be safe for the time being.