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VCR users
The Camcorder

This person thinks that anything which moves is worth preserving for eternity on their automicrostereodancingandsinging video camera. The family of the Camcorder have learned to patient, since before they do any ordinary task the have to wait for the light to be right. The Camcorder is not content with the poor quality documentary programmes of the BBC and ITV, and so chooses to capture the entire life of one ordinary family. The Camcorder is rarely seen on screen, preferring to operate the controls. However when this person does appear they look at the camera constantly with a look of grave concern and shout "now zoom in", "don't start yet" and "hold it steady". Only the very brave dare to be at the viewfinder end of the Camcorder's equipment. Also known as the Vicar's Friend, the Camcorder will frequently ask for the wedding ceremony to be repeated, this time a bit louder and with the best man not fidgeting so much. Favourite recordings include 'Janet and the kids washing up', 'Janet and the kids trying to make snowballs after a one-eighth of an inch snowfall', and 'An aeroplane flying two miles above our house in August'.