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The Messy

At home with the messy you are never quite sure how to respond. When invited to take a seat, you have no real idea which of the piles of clothes might have an actual seat somewhere underneath it, and which an ironing board. Having opted for a pile, you then are not sure whether to move some of the clothes out of the way, or just to sit on the pile as it is. You decide to watch what the others do and follow their lead. When one of the Messy family starts to move things around, it seems that the done thing is to clear the clothes away, but then you realise that this person was just rearranging the clothes to make them more comfortable. An invitation to 'help yourself to a drink' results in a probing visit to the kitchen, but since there are no available work-tops, and no apparently clean cups, you politely return and claim you are not really thirsty. When you visit a Messy, leave your coat in the car, or on the bus, because if the Messy offers to hang it somewhere for you, you may never see it again.