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Film watchers
The Seenit

The Seenit has always seen any film which you have seen (or so it is claimed). Typical conversations run like this:

You: I saw a great film last night, 'Adventure in the North'.
Seenit: Oh yeah, seenit.
You: Really, did you like the ending?
Seenit: Oh well, I mean, the ending, well, ... just remind me what happened, it was such a long time ago ...

Strangely, the Seenit can never quite remember any particular bit of any given film which they have seen. A good game to play with Seenits is to make up a film title, and then engage them in earnest conversation about it. The trick is to throw in bits of plot which contradict each other, and watch the Seenit painfully try to reconstruct them into a coherent story. Favourite films: Anything at all which you have seen.