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The Makedo

As things (as they do) gradually start to deteriorate on the car, the Makedo tends not to replace, but to make do. The car is recognisable because it has a tasteful golden-brown colour around the wheel arches and wings. Bits of insulation tape hold firm the rear view mirror in its position on the windscreen, except in hot weather when the whole apparatus spends its time sliding round on the floor because the tape has got too hot. Now, covered with carpet hair and assorted nasties from the floor, the tape will never stick to anything again, so the mirror will only be stuck back on when the Makedo gets round to it. Some rear view mirrors on the floors of Makedos' cars are thought to be grandparents by now. The crackle which spits out of the door mounted speakers (actually dangling by their connecting wires) is produced by a radio trying its best to decipher a signal fed from a coat hanger, shaped into a diamond, and rammed into the hole where the aerial used to be.