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Restaurant diners
The Billsplitter

When a party of eight or more people go for a meal, they have a great time all evening, but this can easily by spoiled by the presence of the Billsplitter. This is the person who, rather than take the obvious course of just dividing the total bill by the number of persons present, insists on working out what they have spent, so that they do not have to pay for anything not in their own stomach. The first thing they have to do is ask a waiter for the menu, so that they can check the prices of what they have had (conveniently forgetting the lager and extra garlic bread). Then they produce a calculator which tells them that they owe 19.78. Next they produce a twenty pound note, and ask if anybody has any change.

It is a surprising, if well known, fact that if a group is made up entirely of Billsplitters, then the final amount pooled is still nothing like the number written at the bottom of the bill.