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New Year resolutionists
The Anti-choc

Often after the seasonal binge on all things unhealthy comes a wave of conscience driven giving up. Among the most common targets for giving up is chocolate. This is one of the most delightful things you can put in your mouth, but it has a reciprocal damaging effect on your teeth and waist. Giving up chocolate has its own set of rituals. The Anti-choc knows that it is not going to be easy, so all sources of temptation must be removed. Not only must other family members not eat any chocolate in the Anti-choc's presence, they must not eat any anywhere else. Further, they must not say any word which begins with the letters 'ch'. Of course all this trouble makes it impossible for the Anti-choc to forget about the forbidden substance. There are constant reminders in the glaring absence of the word, and the fearful look of others as they try very hard to avoid causing a temper outburst by mentioning it. Finally the tension and temptation becomes too much, and by midday on January the First, having held out for a whole twelve hours, the Anti-choc has a binge which involves more chocolate than they would have had normally anyway.