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Supermarket shoppers
The Victim

The Victim is an unfortunate soul for whom nothing seems to go well. The trolley selected by the Victim has three wheels which have been superbly designed to move in any direction, while the fourth has been designed to point at 90 degrees to the trolley. Although initially fairly quiet, after four items have been placed in the trolley it develops a squeek which can be heard throughout the store. While looking to the right at the soups, the Victim does not see the precarious pyramid of bean cans, which needs only the tiniest nudge from the trolley to become a mass of noise and motion, and takes 30 minutes to bring under control. By that time of course, the ice-cream has thawed and is running all over the fresh vegetables. Finally, the victim has to rush home briefly, and return with some money to pay for the goods which have been kept on one side by the checkout.