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Camera Users
The Lightmeter

This person still uses camera equipment which, if they could, the Victoria and Albert museum would like to get their hands on. To the Lightmeter photography is a serious business, which has been spoiled by the advent of modern technology. The Lightmeter maintains that despite the fact that modern cameras get perfect focus, perfect exposure, and are considerably lighter than a suitcase of equipment, the old cameras are much better. The Lightmeter's main piece of equipment is a square box which takes film, now, sadly, only available from a specialist shop in Bethnall Green. Before taking any photographs this person walks around for several minutes, earnestly studying the lightmeter. In dark conditions the Lightmeter has to set up a flash which is big enough to cast a substantial shadow should the sun happen to emerge at the wrong moment. Favourite shot: The family resting (actually they fell asleep while waiting for the shot to be taken).