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Yomi Otubushin

Yomi is another of the founder members of MDHNN, having having established a working relationship with Rik in Loughborough in the mid-80s, by way of Rik's band The Lab Cats, with whom he performed several times. Yomi spent 11 years in MDHNN before leaving in 1997.

Yomi was one of the two lead vocalists of MDHNN and he plays keyboards, violin and various percussion instruments (such as congas and timbales). He also built his own electronic drums which he used in the early years with MDHNN.

Yomi was also the manager and promoter of MDHNN during his tenure with the band.

Yomi spent several years playing with the Leicestershire band The Ant Hill Mob during the 80's and 90's. He is now playing keyboards with Munich-based band Steamy Dumplings - see www.steamydumplings.de and www.myspace.com/steamydumplings

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