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Rik Eastgate

Rik is one of the founder members of MDHNN, having been part of the thriving music scene in Loughborough in the mid-80s. He is the lead vocalist of MDHNN and plays guitar. On stage he also plays harmonica, keyboards, percussion, and drums.

Since MDHNN's break from touring and recording, Rik has been remixing some of the MDHNN material, recording new solo songs, and has also recorded and mixed other artists.

Rik was in a number of bands before MDHNN, starting with The Grubs in 1980, followed by Life Crash, Penguin's Exploding Octopus, Smoking The Fool (who recorded 2 albums - 'Smoking The Fool' in 1983, and 'Proving The Existence Of' in 1984, and who can be found at www.myspace.com/smokingthefool), The Lymph Nodes, and The Lab Cats. (Interestingly, Yomi Otubushin, the other vocalist in MDHNN, guested with The Lab Cats on a couple of occasions before helping Rik form MDHNN).

Rik's son, Sam, is the guitarist and singer for the band Late Of The Pier, and also has a side project called La Priest.

Rik's 2007 remix of the Late Of The Pier song Space And The Woods can be found at www.myspace.com/smokingthefool

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